Can your faith, hope, and love survive the hardship of terrorism?
Are you prepared to face it?

 Fortify your faith, heat up your hope, and levitate your love with this powerful novel based on true stories!  Your life will never be the same again.

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Escape The Hezbollah

A young man struggles to guard and sustain his love for God, his fiancée, and his family when faced with the brutality of Sharia law.

Abducted into the newly formed Hezbollah army, a young American Christian fights for his life, his freedom, and the woman he loves when he defies a brutal regime during one of the most difficult times in Middle East history.

Friends begin to go missing and rumors surface. Some of Joseph’s friends are never heard from again. How and why they disappear remain a mystery. Joseph becomes entrapped in the mystery of the disappearances when, one day after work, he and his friend are forcibly thrown into the backseat of a black Nissan.

He and his friend are forced to join a ruthless militia. This military, formed by the IRG to protect Lebanon from invasion by the Israelis, contradicts its credence. Joseph witnesses the most horrific sins that man can inflict upon another human being and he wants out. He thinks his Maker has abandoned him and he questions God’s very existence, ultimately doubting his own faith.

After grueling years of enduring this military life, escape and concealment, a way opens up for him to safely flee the country and eventually return to the U.S.

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